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Fixtures *** WINTER 2009 ***
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Welcome to the finals everyone, hope everything's been going well for those teams in the finals and hope you're enjoying them. For those who didn't make the finals good luck next season.

NOTE : The presentation and disco night for Winter 2009 will be on Saturday 6 - 9pm, September 12th at the Cerini Centre, Park Road, Warburton.

One little word of advice : If your team has training sessions, make sure you go along to them and do everything your coach tells you at training AND do it to the best of your ability and concentration. You play how you train and the better you train, the better you will play. Remember too that your coach gives up their time to help you and they appreciate you behaving at training and doing what you're told and giving the best you can. You will enjoy your games even more as your skills and teamwork increases.

Another Subzero player Our illustrious leader

Could all players remember to sign the back of the scoresheet before their games. Players have missed out on competing in finals because they didn't sign the scoresheet and therefore didn't play enough games.

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Subzero basketball club competes in the Upper Yarra Basketball Association competition, based in Yarra Junction in the Upper Yarra Valley. Subzero was formed in 1999 with two junior teams and two senior teams. The club has now grown to be one of the biggest clubs in the UYBA competition, having 31 teams in the competition in Winter 2009, ranging from mini-ball and Juniors through to Seniors and Over 30's. The clubs colours are navy blue with orange trim, when the colours clash with other teams (or there's two Subzero teams playing) the alternative singlet colour used is orange.

The club trains and plays at the Yarra Junction YMCA basketball courts and Upper Yarra Secondary College. Training is spread over various nights depending upon the team.

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